Fair Deal Policy

Fair Deal Policy
flexy is a robot with artificial intelligence. His job is to make life easier for flexwork clients and our development team.

As we build flexwork we thought a lot how to find a fair way of estimation for both sides. The client should trust in and our developer should be careful with over- or underestimation.

As a former agency we worked with a lot of outsourcing services. We know the pain of estimation, reporting and billing and the discussion after with the client. It is time consuming, demotivating and at all progress breaking point.

Building flexwork platform was driven by one principal “transparency first”.
The client should know his maximum costs.

So how it works:

We guarantee no surprises at reporting and payment with the following simple idea:

  • Estimation Time: the maximum duration in hours of a ticket estimated by our developers
  • Real Time: the duration in hours of work done by the developer
  • Billable Time: the minimum of both estimation time and real time

This concept is proved now and increase our productivity. And at flexwork you will never pay more then the estimated time.

Here are the details how our developer make the estimations?