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Marcel Gleis

Thanks a lot for this release, great job!
And once again I have to say that I love your tool and well defined process. Compared to the common work I’ve experienced with other agencies (sending word / excel documents, making phone calls, forgetting informations) your tool has a nice workflow. I really appreciate that.

see interview

LeasingMarkt.de GmbH

Christian Bickel

We are working since 2 Month with flexwork. The flexwork team is fast, flexible nevertheless they are very quality driven . We particularly value the transparent and fair billing policy with ticketbased estimation.

Consolidate Software GmbH & Co KG

Steven Schulz

flexwork's infrastructure lets us produce new ideas quickly in a lean workflow. We get results fast and implement new innovative products with a full developer team as it would be in-house.

Meng GmbH

Gül Gönlübeyaz

flexwork has been extremely valuable to our company by allowing us to scale our team whenever needed. The team at flexwork is a natural extension to our team with perfect harmony and we are very happy with the timeliness and the quality of the deliverables.

Big Data Labs Ltd.

Wolfgang Lumme

As SAP consulting company, we must be up to date with the latest Technologies in a fast and flexible way. Therefore, it’s important for us to have a good and trustable partner. The flexwork team was reliable, working with precision and flexibility implementing web-based solutions for us.

FLP Consulting AG

Sebastian Scherl

flexwork provided us with on demand manpower to help us speed up our website relaunch. They quickly adapted to our workflow and managed to satisfy us with their services, allowing us to go live as planned with all the features we had anticipated.

Tiger At Work & Co.k.s.

Damir Vuckovac

The cooperation with flexwork was positive surprizing for us. Quick work and easy communication. The quality of the work was very high and the delivery. At least the flexwork team really helped us in our project.

e-xplosion GmbH

Ömer Cetin

We are surprized how flexible and quick the service is working. In our peak times flexwork relieves our team very reliable and in addition they expand our skills especially in frontend stuff.

mindfacture GmbH & Co. KG


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how you start

3 simple steps to start your development

how we work image

create project & ticket

plan with flex account manager your first project and features

get estimation

our production team will deliver a realistic estimation

go production

after your confirmation flexteam will start with production and you will be informed over every step of progress

create a ticket for your project

create your ticket

call your agent - or -

workflow flexwork


you have a question then call us

flexwork is your account to easy software development without all the pain from onboarding, getting estimation, micro-managing, communication, reporting, until billing. We created a wholly new expierence. see why

flexwork is not a freelancer network, HR agency or a project market place. You will be not matched with Developer or Designer.

    Why we created flexwork has a long story. Shortly we saw a lot of always repeated problems in software projects with distributed teams. We found many reasons why a lot of projects fail. Instead of repeating those problems, we created for every one a solution. Here are some expamples

As a client you get an account for your company. You can add your team to manage the tickets.

  • Create tickets: Plan your workload in form of tickets, those tickets will be saved as draft and you can start them anytime you like.
  • Get estimation: As soon as you start your ticket, our team get notified and provide you with an estimation. You know how much time is needed, before starting the production. Only bugs are not estimated, but you will be informed about all next steps.
  • Go production: After you confirm the estimation, your ticket goes to production
  • Delivery: You will be notified after our team finish production. Now if everything is ok, you can accept the ticket within 5 working days otherwise you can create bugs and our team will fix them.

After we get your request or your briefing about the first project, your company will get a fxw app account. You can login, create your project and your first tickets. From the point where you start a ticket, you will have full access to productivity! Just give it a try with a small project.

At high requested technologies like AngularJS, ReactJS or HTML flexwork can start immediately. Only at first onboarding it takes little time, to be updated with project relevant information. If you have a new project with a special technology stack it depends on our availability. Just make your request to get a quick response.

  • You can use our fxw app to message with your production team.
  • If you are using slack we can connect you over a slack channel.
  • you will get an account where you can always reach the current status.
  • you will get email notification after every status change
  • if you are connected over slack, you will be notified there, too
  • you can also download our app and follow your project status

We are minimizing the touch points which you have to handle. Your Key Account will guide you through the workflow. If you have a message to the developer team, you do this as well over the messenger function or over a shared slack channel.

No, but be sure your tickets will be done by people, who know what to do.

You don't care! After you create a project and tickets, we organise everything else for you

Our ticket based workflow and our team lead manage the production process. You will be notified over every step.

You will get in one day an estimation if everything is clear with your ticket. If we don’t understand your ticket or there are missing information we will contact you the same day to get progress.

Handcrafted developers with focus on one technology. Mostly talents who are re-organizing their life from a 9to5 job to a 100% remote job. They are starting their workday without any traffic jam or long office meetings which kill productivity time. Being productive and have leisure for personal development are source of satisfaction. flexwork is flexible for both sides.

Just get a free company account. After you add your first project your project rate per hour is defined automaticly. Or call us.

Tickets are billable after you accept them. But we are collecting tickets and sending those to you.

At flexwork all your tickets are estimated before you give your go. You have a full cost control, about every step. After going to production we are tracking the real times. We compare both (real and estimated time) and you get the minimum of two as billable time. If the tracked real time is shorter than estimation, you will be billed by real time. And if we need for one Ticket more than estimated time, then you pay only the estimated hours. You are always secured.

You will get an ordinary german invoice and you can pay by bank transfer.

ready to give us a try?

just make a request to let your project estimate

send your request - or - call your agent

call your agent - or - send your request